MASTER Psychologie clinique, psychopathologie et psychologie de la santé | parcours Applied research and prevention in Health Psychology and Psychopathology

Informations générales

Niveau de recrutement
Bac + 3
Conditions d'admission
Durée de la formation
2 years
Lieu(x) de formation
Oui En savoir plus
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Langues d'enseignement
French (Master 1)
English (Master 2)
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Pedagogical objectives

The “Applied Research in Psychopathology and Health Psychology” M2 program is designed to provide high-level post-graduate training to professionals in the mental health and public policy fields with the objective to carry out research in the field of mental health.
Students will learn state-of-the-art approaches in carrying out applied research in the field setting as well as methodology, statistical analyses, and research publication and presentation.

Applied Research in Psychopathology and Health Psychology Master 2 (version française)


Niveau de recrutement : Bac + 3

Conditions d'admission

Pour l'admission en 1ère année
- être titulaire de la Licence mention Psychologie ou d'un diplôme bac+3 équivalent
- déposer votre candidature auprès du secrétariat de la formation (voir onglet "Contacts").

Pour l'admission en 2ème année

- être titulaire de la 1ère année du master correspondant  ou d'un diplôme bac+4 équivalent.
- déposer votre candidature auprès du secrétariat de la formation (voir onglet "Contacts").

Année post-bac de sortie
Bac + 5
Niveau de sortie
Niveau I

Compétences visées

Targeted skills

  • The entire course-load will be in English; students are expected to have at least a B2 level in English. By participating in this program their English, they will enhance their language skills in the field of psychology research.
  • Carry out a full, in-depth bibliographic search to identify the main elements to consider in carrying out specific research projects.
  • Identify appropriate methodologies and develop feasible research plans to be carried, particularly in field settings.
  • Identify the potential ethical problems posed by different research designs and methodologies; find alternatives and remediation to these.
  • Acquire basic skills in organizing and analyzing data.
  • Develop the skills for publishing and presenting research in English.
  • Carry out a fully-planned research project.
  • Demonstrate the ability to present research on an international level (publications, conferences, etc.).

Débouchés professionnels

Targeted employment and expected outcomes for individuals completing the program

The M2 ‘Applied Research’ is designed to provide students with the skills to carry out research in both academic and institutional settings. Students will gain insight into designing research programs that provide coherent and applicable results in the field setting. In addition to carrying out research, students will learn how to effectively publish and diffuse their work to the international community. Students completing this program will have the basic foundations for pursuing doctoral work in mental health.

Potential careers

  • Researcher in psychology and/or psychiatry.
  • Researcher/Academic (pursuant to obtaining  doctorate, and possible HDR)

Poursuites d'études

Pursuit of studies at UT2J or elsewhere:

Possibilily to enroll in psychology or other mental health fields for doctoral studies.

To learn more about pursuit of studies or potential careers, you can contact the
SCUIO-IP, Service Commun Universitaire d'Information, d'Orientation et d'Insertion Professionnelle

Responsables pédagogiques

Pr. Maria Teresa MUNOZ SASTRE | Responsible/Director

Contacts administratifs

Administrative Responsibilities

Reception desk - UFR | | 05 61 50 43 90
Lauren SEVRAIN | Master 1st year | | 05 61 50 47 54
Patricia DEJUMNÉ | Master 2nd year | | 05 61 50 48 26