Practical information for foreign students


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First steps in France


  • Accomodation

The University halls of residence,
run by the CROUS, are dedicated only to French government scholarship holders, foreign  scholarship holders  or any other authorized body, students enrolled in the framework of an international agreement approved by the Ministry of Education and the PhD students (if there are any vacancies).
When registering online, the international exchange students can apply for halls of residence (filling in a form online at the end of your registration).
The acceptance of your registration does not mean that we offer you a room. You will receive an answer by e-mail depending on the vacancies and the number of places available.

The Federal University of Toulouse offers a tool to provide housing for students and researchers: the TOUL'BOX

  • Student budget in France

The minimum monthly budget of a student is 600 euros. It consists of the following expenses:

• Housing: between 350 and 600 euros depending on the housing (you can apply for the APL – Aide personnalisée au logement -  the housing benefit of the CAF -Caisse d’allocation familiale-).
• Public transportation: 40 euros monthly pass (10 € for students under 26).
• Food Budget (university restaurant tickets: 4 euros a meal).
• Books, supplies, miscellaneous expenses ...
  • French courses
The International Office offers French classes free of charge to students coming on exchange program.

The DEFLE is the department of French language at the University Of Toulouse Jean Jaurès offering french class.

The Federal University of Toulouse also offers French classes to:
• foreign researchers and lecturers,
• foreign PhD students,
• foreign students who are enrolled in Bachelors (L1, L2, L3) and  Masters (M1, M2) including mobility, exchange students, ERASMUS students and students with international or bilateral cooperation agreements.
Provided that they belong to a member or a partner institution of the University of Toulouse.


Campus information

The Association of Erasmus and international students : EIMA.
The association welcomes, helps and integrates foreign and Erasmus students of the University of Toulouse - Jean Jaurès (for more information, click on the link above).
View the academic calendar of the UT2J here.
  • Student Health Care

On 1 October of the academic year, students aged under 28 are required to join the National  health care in France, paying a contribution of  approximatively 215 euros. 
Exemption from health care contribution : students from a EU member country, by presentation of the European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) or a certificate of private insurance.
They will have to get the documentary proof from the services of the health care of their country before their departure.

Get more information on student health care

In addition, liability insurance is recommended (if you do not have any, you can subscribe for approximately 15 euros). It is obligatory in certain cases such as compulsory internships for example.