M3201 - Probabilities and statistics

Semester 3 - Hours: 45 : 15h CM, 16h TD, 14h TP

Module objectives:

·         To model, analyse and process information.

Skills covered:

·         Understanding the concept of risk and uncertainty, being able to read data involving figures from a critical standpoint.


·         M2202


·         Discrete laws (concept of series).

·         Continuous laws (elements of integral calculus).

·         Law of large numbers and the central limit theorem.

·         Inferential statistics: point estimation and estimation by confidence intervals, regression, tests and p-values.


Implementation procedures:

·         Creation and use of simulations.

·         Use of statistics software.

Possible extensions:

·         Introduction to Markov chains, Monte Carlo methods.

·         Principal component analysis.

·         Multiple linear regression.

·         Introduction to time series.

Key words:


Estimation; Quality control; Simulations; Statistical tests, Random variables