M3301 - Methodology for the production of applications

Semester 3 - Hours: 60 : 14h CM, 22h TD, 24h TP

Module objectives:

·         To analyse the requirements for the design and development of information systems in an organisation.

·         To organize and manage a project - To cover the life cycle, integrating different points of view: the organisation and its strategy, users, management, quality and technology, maintenance and operation.

Skills covered:

·         FA1-A: Analysis of a computer solution.

·         FA1-B: Technical design of a computer solution.

·         FA1-C: Production of a computer solution.


·         M2103, M2104, M2106, M1204, M2204

·         Partially: M3105, M3204


·         The information system in organisations.

·         Prior studies and analysis of requirements: compendium of business needs, domain, actors.

·         Analysis and modelling of business processes, for example: activity diagram, Organizational Process Model / MERISE, BPMN (Business Process Model and Notation).

·         Production of technical specifications, use cases, scenarios.

·         Standards and metrics for software and quality. 

·         Additional issues to do with project organisation and management, production processes, documentation.

·         Estimation of charges and cost models, planning of deadlines.

·         Risk management.

Implementation procedures:

·         Cross-departmental teaching team - computing and management.

·         Relying on a life-cycle model.

·         Organising the module around a project that covers the life-cycle.

·         Using team-working tools.

Possible extensions:

·         Additional ergonomics.

·         User training.

·         Problems to do with the acquisition of software packages.

Key words:

Analysis; Project management; Quality; Methods; Standards.