M3103 - Adavanced Algorithms

Semestre 3 - Hours: 30  8h CM, 10h TD, 12h TP

Module objectives:

·         To know how to use certain advanced data structures, how to implement some, and to know how to implement the algorithms that manipulate them.

Skills covered:

 The skills listed in the activities and skills reference document for the following activities:

·         FA1-B: Technical design of a computer solution.

·         FA1-C: Production of a computer solution.

·         FA1-D: Validation tests for a computer solution.


·         M1103, M2201


·         Recursive data structures (description, implementation, etc.).

·         Recursive and iterative algorithms acting on these structures.

·         Use of advanced data structures.

Implementation procedures:

·         Trees: in particular structures used to represent data, including XML (Extensible Markup Language), syntax trees.

·         Examples of advanced data structures: dictionaries (including hash tables), index structures, sets, etc.

·         Emphasising the use of existing structures and features.

Possible extensions:

·         Study of the complexity of the algorithms and structures manipulated.

Key words:


Tree structures; Recursion; Associative structures