Prospective Students

This section applies only to students who have foreign degrees :

You want to enrol in :

  •   1st or 2nd year of a Licence degree
(Bachelor’s degree – 1st Cycle Diploma)
(Bachelor’s degree – 1st Cycle Diploma)
(Master’s degree – 2nd Cycle Diploma)
Professional Licence degrees, Licence degrees in IUP (Professional University Institute), Master’s degrees in ESPE (Teacher-Training Institute), 2nd year of Master’s degree)

You want to register for correspondence courses.

You want more information on administrative procedures.

Contact : Foreign Students’ Office (Pôle des Etudiants Etrangers)

See also : EIMA (Erasmus International Mirail Association)

Registration on Exchange Program

Students from universities that have an agreement with UT2J will be considered as  exchange students.

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How is the French university system organized?

1st cycle – Licence

3-year degree

Bachelor’s degree

2nd cycle – Master

2-year degree

Master’s degree

3rd cycle – Doctorat

5 year degree

PhD - Doctorate