M3101 - Principle of Operating Systems

Semester 3 - Hours: 45 : 15h CM, 14h TD, 16h TP

Module objectives:

·         To understand the architecture of an operating system, especially multi-tasking.

Skills covered:

The skills listed in the activities and skills reference document for the following activities:

·         FA2-A: Administration of systems, software and networks.

·         FA2-B: Advice and technical assistance for users, clients and services.

·         FA1-C: Production of a computer solution.


·         M2101


·         Resource sharing (for example, scheduling).

·         File management system.

·         Memory hierarchy (including paging mechanisms, virtual and cache memory).

·         Task implementation: processes and threads.

·         Input-output systems.

·         Introduction to network programming (implementation of the sockets library).

Implementation procedures:


Possible extensions:

·         Programming of advanced scripts.

·         Performance measurements.

·         Resolving deadlock problems.

Key words:


Concurrent programming; Virtual memory; Inputs/Outputs