M3102 - Network Services

Semester 3 - Hours: 30 : 8h CM, 10h TD, 12h TP

Module objectives:

·         Interconnecting networks and implementing services.

Skills covered:

The skills listed in the activities and skills reference document for the following activities:

·         FA2-A: Administration of systems, software and networks.

·         FA2-B: Advice and technical assistance for users, clients and services.

·         FA1-F: Preparation of quantitative and qualitative diagnostics, software technical support.


·         M2102


·         Interconnection of networks, filtering and address translation: Network Address Translation (NAT), network bridge, gateway, etc.).

·         Awareness of network security: firewalls, DMZ (demilitarised zone), etc.

·         Installation and basic configuration of standard network services.

Implementation procedures:

·               Room with machines and reconfigurable network equipment or simulated networks.

Possible extensions:

·         Quality of service, real-time protocols.

·         Performance measurements.

·         Wireless networks.

·         Authentication management in the network services covered.

Key words:


Local networks; Network services; Network administration