M3105 - Advanced object design and Web programming

Semester 3 - Hours: 45 : 15h CM, 14h TD, 16h TP

Module objectives:

·         To produce a detailed design by applying design patterns, to implement it using object-oriented programming good practices.

Skills covered:

The skills listed in the activities and skills reference document for the following activities:

·         FA1-A: Analysis of a computer solution.

·         FA1-B: Technical design of a computer solution.

·         FA1-C: Production of a computer solution.


·         M2103, M2104


·         Further object modelling for analysis, design and programming.

·         Understanding and implementation of design patterns, elements of software architecture.

·         Advanced concepts of object-oriented programming (for example: single responsibility, open-closed principle, notions of dependency and coupling).

·         Awareness of integration tests.

Implementation procedures:

·         Use of an integrated development environment (IDE) comprising modelling, a version manager and a unit testing environment.

·         Concepts must be addressed through specific examples.

Possible extensions:

·         Retro-design.

Key words:


Object; Modelling; Design patterns; Good practice