Many Studying Opportunities


Five main departments called UFR (Unité de Formation et de Recherche)

• UFR of History, Arts and Archaeology
• UFR of Foreign languages, Literatures and Civilizations
• UFR of Literature, Philosophy and Music
UFR of Psychology
• UFR of Sciences, Spaces and Societies

Six Educational Institutes

• Multidisciplinary Institutes for American Studies in Toulouse (IPEAT)
• Regional Institute of Labor in Midi-Pyrénées (IRT)
• Training Institute for Musicians working with schools (IFMI)
• Translation, Interpretation and Linguistic Mediation Centre (CETIM)
• University Institute of Technology (IUT) in the city of Blagnac
• University Institute of Technology (IUT) in the city of Figeac.
2 Schools :
• Teacher-Training Institute of Toulouse (ESPE)
• School of Audio Visual (ESAV)

3 Doctorate Schools
• CLESCO : Behaviour, Language, Education, Socialization, Cognition
• ALLPHA@ : Arts, World Literatures, Modern Foreign Languages, Philosophy, Information and Communication Studies
• TESC : Time, Space, Societies, Cultures

In addition, UT2J has over 20 research laboratories specialized in various fields of study.