Courses taught in English at UT2J

UT2J offers a number of courses taught in English in various departments. The Department of English Studies (Département d’études du monde anglophone) is part of the Faculty of Arts, Languages and Civilizations (UFR Lettres, Langues et Civilisations étrangères).

All courses are taught in English except for some of the department of English Studies, called "translation courses" in which French is also used. Most of our modules are interdisciplinary, so as to introduce students to a wide perspective on English, American and Commonwealth studies.

The Department of History also offers courses taught in English in the bilingual BA of History (French and English).

The Department of Modern Languages (LEA) focuses on languages in business and contemporary affairs and offers courses related to the English-speaking world.

Exchange students are able to pick whatever modules they want from year 1 to year 3 of our BA in English Studies and can also take first year modules of our Master in English Studies.

They are allowed, if they wish, to follow only part of the modules and can therefore choose which specific area(s) they want to study.

Courses taught in English in the Department of English Studies

BA in English Studies (Licence Lettres et Civilisations Etrangères)

BA in Applied Languages (Licence Langues Etrangères Appliquées)

Modules in English for non-specialists

Courses in English in the History Department

Courses in English in Economics and Management Department