Scorched Earth, Paradise Mars: Representations of Climate Change and Mars Colonization in U.S. Culture

Publié le 15 novembre 2022 Mis à jour le 23 novembre 2022
By Dr. Jens Temmen

Heinrich-Heine-University Düsseldorf

► December 13 th • 16:30 (CET)

This lecture discusses the current surge of Mars colonization narratives both in science and culture, and the ways these narratives are received and circulated in current ecocritical debates on a multiplanetary future of humanity. This analysis in this contribution takes its cue from the representation of the California wildfires of 2020 as an anthropogenic spectacle that is foreboding of a post-apocalyptic future in which Earth becomes Mars-like, and discusses how this discourse is reproduced in the Hollywood movie Finch and Kate Greene’s popular science memoir Once Upon A Time I Lived on Mars.

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