MASTER Tourisme | parcours Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies (THFS)

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Niveau de recrutement
Bac + 3
Conditions d'admission
Durée de la formation
2 years
Lieu(x) de formation
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  • Formation initiale
  • Formation continue
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The "Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies - THFS" master's program aims to train international and French students in Toulouse, in English, with a broad professional culture in the fields of Tourism, Hospitality and Food, with a second-year specialization in one of these three fields.


This "Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies - THFS" master's program is available in the framework of both initial and continuing training on the Toulouse campus.
The Master’s degree is taught exclusively in English on the Toulouse campus.
It aims at training French and international students with a corporate culture in Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies.

The objective of the Master’s programme "Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies - THFS" is to welcome international students who do not speak French but who could follow a training at the University Toulouse Jean Jaurès. It also allows French students to take a course in English and to gain the key attributes to work abroad and to step into an international career.
This training also offers a diversity of publics as it enables culturally heterogeneous classes to be created.

Beyond its international and cultural dimension, this Master’s degree allows to gain and/or to strengthen the necessary skills in the development of an international career in the three professional sectors tackled in the different ISTHIA trainings: Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies.

According to the majors in initial training of the recruited Bachelor’s students, this degree provides the necessary knowledge to develop a strong professional culture in the three fields mentioned above, as well as more advanced and detailed skills in the specialization chosen by the students.

This Master’s degree allows to develop several management skills, particularly in the development of corporate strategies, in communication, decision-making and organization. It also trains students in human resources and financial management. This training tackles research, surveys, and data analysis and processing. The students are also trained in project management (planning, defining objectives and communicating) and are put in the position of consultants.

Compétences visées


Depending on the field of activity (Tourism, Hospitality or Food), this course enables you to acquire skills in :
  • Management :
    • developing corporate strategy
    • organizing and controlling the execution of tasks
    • managing human resources
    • using financial documents
  • Research manager
    • conduct surveys
    • process and analyze data
  • Project management
    • plan
    • define objectives
    • Consulting
    • communicate orally and in writing
    • express oneself in English


Niveau de recrutement : Bac + 3

Formation(s) requise(s)

Entry requirements

Are eligible to the Master’s degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies the students holding a Bachelor’s degree in Sociology, Social Sciences, Geography, Agribusiness, Foreign Languages, Dietetics, Nutrition, Economics and Management, Tourism, Economic and Social Administration, Management or Information and Communication, or a diploma in Nutrition, Hospitality and Catering, or Bio- Engineering.

Conditions d'admission


  • If you hold one of the diplomas mentioned above, you may apply on-line :
  • Non-European students may apply on Études en France
  • The people who do not hold any of the degrees listed above but who have worked in the tourism sector will be invited to apply for the validation of their qualifications (French NVQ scheme, decree of August 23rd 1985) by a jury of professionals and university lecturers. Submit your request  to the service de la formation continue



Semestre 7

UE 701 - HT90701T World cultures
UE 702 - HT90702T Marketing
UE 703 - HT90703T Anthropology and Sociology of Food
UE 704 - HT90704T Research methodology
UE 705 - HT90705T Operating Management in Hospitality
UE 706 - HT90706T French culture

Semestre 8

UE 801 - HT90801T Dissertation and Internship
UE 802 - HT90802T Applied Human and Social Sciences
UE 803 - HT90803T Tourism Engineering
UE 804 - HT90804T Research methodology 1
UE 805 - HT90805T Operating Management in Hospitality
UE 806 - HT90806T French culture

Semestre 9

UE 901 - HT90901T Tourism Management
UE 902 - HT90902T Hospitality and Foodservice Management
UE 903 - HT90903T Anthropology and Sociology of Food
UE 904 - HT90904T Research methodology
UE 905 - HT90905T Quality management
UE 906 - HT90906T French culture 2

Semestre 10

UE 1001 - HT90111T Dissertation and Internship
UE 1002 - HT90112T Professionnal Communication
UE 1003 - HT90113T Professionalisation
UE 1004 - HT90114T French Gastronomy

Modalités d'évaluation

Année post-bac de sortie
Bac + 5
Niveau de sortie
Niveau 7

Débouchés professionnels

Prospective careers

Graduates may consider the following sectors of activities :
  • international integrated or independent hotel businesses,
  • international consulting companies,
  • international agribusinesses,
  • out-of-home catering industries.

Positions :
  • Hotel manager
  • Hospitality or Catering manager
  • Project manager
  • Product manager
  • Food critic

Responsables pédagogiques


The pedagogic team comprises permanent researchers-lecturers of Toulouse Jean Jaurès University and professionals holding leading positions in different local and national companies.

Course directors:

Contacts administratifs

Administrative officer |
Formation Continue ISTHIA | Neneh Li T’HOOFT | | 05 61 02 19 54