LICENCE Tourisme | parcours Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies (THFS)

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Niveau de recrutement
Bac + 2
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Durée de la formation
1 year
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  • Formation initiale
  • Formation continue
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The programme is organized around the three themes of tourism, hospitality and food, and offers the acquisition of practical and theoretical skills in these fields.


This Bachelor’s programme is available in the framework of both initial and continuing training on the Toulouse campus.
The Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies (THFS) is taught exclusively in English on the Toulouse campus.

The objective of this programme is to offer foreign students a discovery or a knowledge enhancement training linked to the three areas of expertise of ISTHIA: Tourism, Hospitality and Catering, and a social and cultural approach to Food Studies.

In Tourism, students learn how to apply general and technical skills of management in leisure, transportation and accommodation. This Bachelor’s also tackles communication and promotion in public tourism authorities. The syllabus linked to sustainable development allows them to apprehend the problematics of local and international development.

In the field of Hospitality and Catering, the students will learn about the realities and operational problematics of hotel and catering businesses.

This training deals with corporate catering and engineering in order to familiarize the students with the needs and careers of this industry, but also with the operational problematics of corporate catering, at a local and international level.

In the field of Food Studies, students learn how to analyze the political, economic and social dynamics that structure food habits in a given country, region, or territory. They are also trained to know the different food sectors, as well as the consumers’ profiles and needs according to their sociological and cultural characteristics.
After their graduation, students may seek entry into the professional world or continue in the Master’s degree.

Compétences visées

Pour le tourisme, les étudiants savent mobiliser les connaissances générales et techniques du management des entreprises des secteurs du tourisme, des loisirs, du transport et de l’hébergement mais aussi en matière de communication et promotion dans les instances publiques du tourisme. Les contenus relatifs au développement durable leurs permettent de saisir les problématiques de développement territorial, local et international.

Dans le champ de l’hôtellerie-restauration, les étudiants sont familiarisés aux réalités et problématiques opérationnelles d'entreprises de l'hôtellerie et de la restauration commerciale.

Dans le domaine de l’alimentation, les étudiants sont capables de repérer les dynamiques politiques, économiques et sociales qui structurent l’alimentation dans un pays, une région. Ils sont aussi capables d’appréhender les filières alimentaires ainsi que les logiques et profils de consommateurs en fonction de leurs caractéristiques sociologiques et socio-économiques notamment.

Fiche descriptive de la Licence THFS

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Niveau de recrutement : Bac + 2

Formation(s) requise(s)

Entry requirements

The selection is based on a written application and an interview.
Are eligible to this Bachelor’s degree the students who have successfully completed a two-year university course in: Sociology, Social Sciences, Geography, Agribusiness, Foreign Languages, Dietetics, or Nutrition, Hospitality and Catering, Bio-Engineering.

Conditions d'admission

Access in third-year bachelor's degree

  • If you hold one of the diplomas mentioned above, you may apply on-line : eCandidat
  • Non-European students may apply on : Études en France
  • The people who do not hold any of the degrees listed above but who have worked in the tourism sector will be invited to apply for the validation of their qualifications (French NVQ scheme, decree of August 23rd 1985) by a jury of professionals and university lecturers. Submit your request  to the service de la formation continue

The Bachelor’s degree in Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies (THFS) is taught exclusively in English on the Toulouse campus.

The 3rd year students in the undergraduate programme in Tourism, Hospitality and Food Studies will be working on a new project for chef Pierre Lambinon, holder of two Michelin stars.
This will involve carrying out market research on this new activity and then proposing an offer in line with the specifications of the company PY-R.
Students will also work on developing high-end catering activities and peripheral services. They will then work on search engine optimisation for PY-R.

Modalités d'évaluation


Semester 5 (275 hours)

UE 501 I Marketing and Management
UE 502 I Sociology of Food - Sociology of Organizations
UE 503 I Economy - Tourism, Hospitality and Food Industries
UE 504 I Geography - Tourism, Hospitality and Food Industries
UE 505 I Professionalization
UE 506 I French Culture

Semester 6 (275 hours)

UE 601 I Data Analysis and Finance
UE 602 I Human Resources Management
UE 603 I Law - Hospitality, Tourism and Food Sector
UE 604 I Computing Sciences
UE 605 I Internship
UE 606 I French Culture
UE 607 I Internship (8 weeks minimum)

Voir les modalités

Année post-bac de sortie
Bac + 3
Niveau de sortie
Niveau 6

Poursuites d'études

Continuing Studies

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Débouchés professionnels

Prospective careers

Graduates may consider different sectors of activities and positions, depending on their major but also on their choice of continuing in a Master’s degree.

Positions :
  • Executive assistant / Branch manager / Business manager
  • Assistant Project manager / Project manager
  • Assistant product manager / Product manager
  • Tourism development facilitator / Development manager / Developer
  • Tourism company manager / Tourism entrepreneur
  • Market manager
  • Operating manager in Hospitality (service manager, business manager, accommodation manager…)
  • Operating manager in Catering (executive assistant, supervisor…)
  • Nutrition supervisor
  • R&D assistant

Responsables pédagogiques


Course directors :

Contacts administratifs

Administrative officer |
Formation Continue ISTHIA | Neneh Li T’HOOFT | | 05 61 02 19 54